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Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

The most convenient out of the Bitcoin wallets is the mobile Bitcoin wallet. This is because this type of wallet only requires you to download the app on your mobile phone, and you can easily use your wallet anytime you want to.

Top mobile Bitcoin wallets

  • Mycelium – this wallet is hierarchical deterministic and offers a password authentication. These features make sure that your wallet is secured and properly backed up. The wallet also allows a local trade between users.
  • Breadwallet – this wallet was the first standalone iOS mobile wallet. Unlike other mobile wallets, this can direct you to the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Copay – this mobile wallet supports multi-signature technology. It also separates business transactions from personal transactions. Another feature would be the Bitcoin test net, that lets you try new Bitcoin apps.
  • Airbitz – this type of Bitcoin wallet aims for simplicity. All features are created to keep the application simple and user-friendly. It also provides transaction histories and a built-in calculator.

Benefits of a mobile Bitcoin wallet

The best advantage of this wallet is that it makes transactions, trades, and payments as easy as sending an email. You no longer need to use a computer or hardware device, in order to use your wallet. With a simple click, you can send, receive, transfer, buy, and sell bitcoins.

Another benefit of this wallet is you can buy through local stores with just your mobile wallet. You only need to scan the QR code found in the app. Compared to the other types of Bitcoin wallets, a mobile wallet is the most hassle-free. For example, you are interested to try the best Bitcoin slots. You can search the internet through your phone. Then, when you have chosen the Bitcoin casino that you wanted, you can now try their Bitcoin free spins and Bitcoin slot machine. This means that this wallet allows you to play anytime and anywhere you want. All you need to have is your mobile phone and a stable internet connection.

Disadvantages of a mobile Bitcoin wallet

All wallets have its flaws, even the convenient mobile Bitcoin wallet. Unfortunately, this type of wallet cannot cater for the entire world. This is because developing countries do not have a fast and reliable internet connection. Also, there are individuals who would rather have a simpler phone, than those that can access the internet.

It will take more time before users from around the world can full appreciate what a mobile Bitcoin wallet can do. For the meantime, this type of wallet will continue to improve and offer more services to its users.