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A mobile Bitcoin wallet is known to be convenient and handy. It is one of the most used types of Bitcoin wallet because it has proven to be the best compared with other wallets. But, the next problem is, what is the best mobile Bitcoin wallet? Users have been divided and one of the leading votes went to Airbitz. This wallet is popular because of its fast encryption and processing time. Get to know more about this mobile wallet here.

Airbitz and its features

Considering that mobile wallets are favored because of its convenience, Airbitz makes sure to stand out with its own way of bringing comfort to its users. The wallet has a user-friendly and simple interface for you to enjoy. Once you download the app, you just need to create your PIN, password, and username. Transaction histories are provided each time you transact. This will be beneficial for you to track your spending. You can also send and receive payment requests through email or SMS.

Moreover, even if your phone is infected, your wallet is still safe because it is malware and virus-proof. The wallet is also equipped with NFC and Bluetooth payment features. You can also move your wallet to another device because of its multi-device synchronization feature.

Lastly, the wallet also offers a merchant directory that can help you find merchants who are willing to trade with you. There is also a GPS that can help you find the stores that allow crypto currencies as payment. With this wallet, you can also log in and access up to 140 currency exchanges.

Why use Airbitz

Just like the rest of the mobile wallets, using Airbitz can be as simple as using your phone. You just open the app and you can easily send bitcoins. What is also good about this wallet is that you can use it to buy from your local stores.

Mobile wallets have a QR code that has your private key. Simply scan this and you can have the product that you want. Airbitz even lets you to scan the code from your photo album. Just make sure that the store accepts crypto currencies as payment.

As a user-friendly wallet, even Bitcoin gamers are fond of this, too. Bitcoin slots players use this wallet especially if they play from their phones. They can easily win Bitcoin casino free spins or find a game that offers free Bitcoin slots.