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A mobile Bitcoin wallet is the type pf wallet that is downloaded on your mobile phone. There are a lot of mobile wallets to choose from, but Breadwallet is one of the best. This wallet is fast, secured, and easy to use. Before the wallet was only limited to iOS users, but now it can be accessed on any device. Just simply download the app and you can enjoy this wallet.

This wallet is recommended to all users, as well as online gamers. You can use it to keep your coins as you play Bitcoin slots. If you are new to these kinds of games, you can first try free Bitcoin slots before actually betting your money. For more information about Bitcoin, Bitcoin games, and Bitcoin wallets, you can visit Best Bitcoin Slots site.

What is Breadwallet?

Breadwallet started as the first decentralized Bitcoin wallet for iOS. The sudden emergence of this wallet attracted not only iOS users, but even Android users. Other than that, this wallet became popular because it is available in 19 languages. All payments and transfers are possible with a simple click. You do not need to have a small device or a computer just to use your account.

This mobile wallet is hierarchical deterministic that immediately backs up your addresses. It is also an open source which lets you contribute to the network. Lastly, this wallet offers the simple payment verification feature that only downloads the needed blockchain for you to make a transaction.

What is next for Breadwallet?

Due to the concerns of users that this wallet takes too much time to sync, the company decided to rebuild the wallet. According to James MacWhyte, chief product officer of Breadwallet, they are excited to release the next generation of Breadwallet. The team promised that there will be improved user experiences and a bunch of new features. The team also added that they accepted all complaints and suggestions of the users in order to create a better version of this wallet.

You will need to reinstall your wallet to have the new version. Do not worry about your coins because it will stay in your wallet as well as your transaction history. To prevent problems, make sure that you have a copy of your recovery phase. Unfortunately, this new version is only available for iOS users, specifically those in iOS version 9 and above, as of this writing. The team is proud and hopeful that the users will love this version as much as the old version.