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Your Ultimate Online Slot Tournament Guide

Posted on April 17, 2019

Online Slot Tournament Guide

Slots follow a very straightforward gameplay that is why they are a favorite of many online casino players. You just place your bet, spin the reels, and hope to hit a winning payline. You repeat the simple process until you finally decide to finish the spinning action, either with wins or without.

But have you ever wondered about competing with hundreds of other slot bettors across the globe to win huge prize purses? Or is it even possible? It is. Online slot tournaments exist, and they are a great way for you to take home life-changing payouts.

Slot Tournament Defined

A slot tournament is a gaming competition wherein you must collect as many game points as you can within a limited time frame. Your rank, as well as that of the other tournament players, are posted on a leaderboard. At the end of the tourney, the top-ranking players share the prize pool, and the one who ranks first get to rake in the highest share.

Joining slot tournaments not only gives you a chance to win big in the long run but also lets you break away from the monotonous manner slots are played. With the goal of forming more winning combos and earning more tourney points, you get to hit two birds with one stone.

Read on to know the important pointers to follow that may just come in handy in your aim to be on top of the tourney leaderboard.


4 Types of Slot Tournaments

Slot tournaments differ in mechanics, terms, and/or the maximum number of participating players. But regardless of the type, the end goal remains the same — that is, to climb up the leaderboard. The following are the types of slot tournaments you need to know:

  • Free Roll

From the phrase itself, a free roll tournament is free of charge. This means you can join this slot tournament and play even without buying yourself in. Most betting sites set a specific slot game on which the match is centered, say the casino makes Starburst slot by NetEnt the only game applicable for the free roll tourney.

  • Feeder

A feeder tournament is much like a regular slot tourney that asks you to purchase your buy-in, collect points, and rank high. But here, instead of a cash prize pool, what you will win is a free entry to a slot tournament with big payouts awaiting.

  • Sit-and-Go

If the contest you like is that which involves only a few participants, go for a sit-and-go tournament. This one usually welcomes just more or less six players per match. You should expect, though, a lower prize pool. The tournament also does not follow a fixed start time, as the tourney begins the moment the needed number of slot players is hit.

  • Survival

This is perhaps the most riveting spinning competition. Survival tournament is a knockout match.  In most cases, it has only three rounds that run for only a few minutes. Each round goes by the same rules that apply to the games covered. After the first round, the number of participants will be trimmed down according to ranking, usually by 50%. The same happens after round two. And in the final round. only those that made it to the final winning cut will receive rewards.

More online casinos continue to innovate the exclusive contests they devise for their players. But basically, the above are the most common types of slot tournaments you may encounter.


Special Features in Tournaments

Working your way up the leaderboard sometimes takes more than just spinning the reels. Know that there are features you can buy or opt for to make your chances of landing the top spot greater. Here they are:

  • Rebuy — allows you to buy yourself in again so that you can participate in the tournament with your score reset to zero.
  • Add-on — helps boost your game score by lengthening the time limit initially set for your game.
  • Continue — allows you to continue playing while the tourney is still in action with your score set where you left off.

Bear in mind that these features are not free. You need to purchase them.


Game Speed & Familiarity

Yes, slot is a game of luck. But slot tournament is a game of both luck and speed.  Since it sets a time limit per round/match, it is meant to be played in a fast-paced manner. So what you should do is to spin as many as you can. Turn on the Turbo mode, if the game happens to have such function. Maximize the online credits you have in order to grab a lot of points before timer rings.

Also, be familiar with the mechanics, bonuses, and special features of the slot/s that the tournament features. This way, you will know exactly what to expect each time something a special game mode is triggered by a certain combo of symbols you happened to form on the paylines. This explains why practicing the featured slots is helpful before joining a tourney.

Now that you were introduced to this online slot tournament guide, perhaps you are now ready to look for a casino where you can join tourneys.