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Beauty and the Beast


Yggdrasil's Beauty and the Beast is a 5x3 slot that allows players to give the classic tale a happy ending with Golden Bets and Combination Features.

Developer Yggdrasil
Release Date n/a
Paylines 20
Slot Size 5x3
Jackpot n/a
RTP 96.60%
Bet Range 0.2 - 100
Mobile-Ready Yes
Gamble Feature n/a
Auto Play Feature Yes

Beauty and the Beast Demo Game

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Beauty and the Beast: A Perfect Combination of Slot Features

Yggdrasil’s Beauty and the Beast slot is a game based on the Disney version of the classic fairy tale. You can see the slot’s Disney roots from the game’s characters and art design which are reminiscent of the 1991 animated film and 2017 movie. This makes sense since you are likely to connect with either the cartoon or the musical movie.

In Yggdrasil’s game, you will see the fairy tale unfolding before your very eyes as the curse breaks with the power of the rose. Helping you along the way are the faithful servants of the castle’s lord. Read on to know more about how you can give yourself a happy game session ending with Beauty and the Beast slot.

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics of Beauty and the Beast slot have the cartoon-style aesthetics which help connect the game with the animated version of the fairy tale. There is a dynamic feature in the art work of the slot wherein there are two different characters and symbol designs. For example, the Beast symbol is in his man beast form in the base game. When you enter Free Spins mode, the Beast symbol turns into a Prince icon. The changing art of the slot gives you a clear picture of the story’s progress as though Free Spins mode is the ending you have to reach.

Graphics and SoundsTo complement the dynamic art is the slot’s use of both somber colors in the base game and bright colors in the Free Spins mode. These help intensify the sense of the female protagonist’s plight when she was forced to live in a castle with a man beast. Meanwhile, the bright colors in Free Spins mode give you a clear picture that all of the castle’s denizens, including the beast, are back to their normal selves.

The music works well with the theme of the game. You get the sense that you are hearing a soundtrack of a featured film. The music played in the base game and Free Spins mode will make you want to give life to the story that the artwork and color tone are telling.



Beauty and the Beast has a 5×3 slot structure with 20 fixed paylines. Matches can be made only from left to right with the exception of the Scatter symbol. Bets can range from €0.20 to €100.00.

The highest-paying symbols are the character icons. Both icons have the same payout rate even if their artwork changes during Free Spins mode. Meanwhile, there are six low-paying symbols in the form of gems.

Bonuses and Special Features

Bonuses and Special FeaturesThere are three notable features of Beauty and the Beast slot: Golden Bets, Servant Feature, and the Free Spins mode.

Golden Bets

Golden Bets are a controllable feature you can include in each of your spins. Here are the Golden Bets you can activate:

  • Boost – 5 Coins

This option lets you activate two features in Free Spins mode. Without this Golden Bet feature, you can select only one feature in the bonus game.

  • Nudge – 15 Coins

The second Golden Bet increases your chances to enter the game’s Free Spins mode. This feature is similar to the Servant bonus that makes one of the reels move up or down to reveal a Scatter symbol when there are two Scatters on the screen.

  • Boost & Nudge – 30 Coins

As the name suggest, this Golden Bet lets you activate both Boost and Nudge features for each of your spins. With this feature active, you can easily match Scatter symbols on the base game and choose two Servant Features instead of just one in the Free Spins mode.

These features, though, require more coins or bets to activate. If you have the third option active with a coin value of 0.10, for example, your bet of €2.00 becomes €5.00.

Servant Character Bonuses

Another standout aspect of Beauty and the Beast slot is the set of three features that are associated with the game’s servant characters. In the base game, one of the features will trigger at random on any of your spins. Here are the bonuses to expect:

  • The Butler

This feature works like the Nudge Golden Bet. When the Butler appears, he will move one of the reels in order to give you the best possible matches on the reels.

  • The Chef

This servant will synchronize the second, third, and fourth reels. When activated, the Chef will make the middle three reels have the same symbols when the reels stop spinning.

  • The Maid

When the Maid appears, she will turn up to four symbols into Wilds. The Wild symbols are placed at random on the reels when you trigger this feature.

You may find the appearance of any of these three characters unexpected. Since they appear at random, each spin is filled with thrill.

Free Spins Mode

The highlight feature of the game is the Free Spins mode which is triggered by the Rose Scatter symbol. When you enter the bonus mode of the game, you will be asked to select one of the three Servant features. The Servant feature you pick will be active in each spin of the Free Spins mode. But if you have either the Boost or Boost & Nudge Golden Bets turned on, you can pick two Servant features.

If you activated any of the Golden Bets, you will have two Servant features at the start of the bonus game or you will have all three features triggered for 10 free spins. It should be noted that other Bitcoin video slots will give you only a few free spins if you extend their Scatter mode.

Should You Play Beauty and the Beast Slot?

 In terms of retelling a classic fairy tale through the visuals and features of a slot game, Beauty and the Beast slot does so in spades. The game cleverly uses the rose, an important element in the old and new version of the story, to trigger the best feature of the slot. Another noteworthy element is the Golden Bets feature which makes you feel in control of your luck in each spin.

Not everything is perfect with Beauty and the Beast slot, though. While the Golden Bets feature gives you some form of control over the game, it comes with the high costs of additional coins. This means that you have to bet more than twice the amount you put down just to get the most out of the game’s Scatter mode and increase your chance of triggering it. In the case of other Bitcoin slots free spins modes, you can trigger them without any additional costs.

Despite the shortcomings, Yggdrasil’s take on the romantic fairy tale is still worth betting on. You can find Beauty and the Beast slot on any of Yggdrasil’s partner Bitcoin slots sites.