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Mycelium is the type of mobile Bitcoin wallet that simplifies the use of crypto currencies every day. With this, you can send, receive, transfer, buy, and convert bitcoins as easy as browsing your phone. This wallet offers excellent features and amazing updates that you will love.

What type of wallet is Mycelium?

Just like Bitcoin, this wallet makes sure that you are in full control of your coins. No one can open, monitor or use your account except for you.  It supports hardware wallets, which means you can combine this wallet to your hardware device. As of this writing, you can integrate this mobile wallet with Trezor and Legder. This will give you an opportunity to have an offline and mobile wallet at the same time. If you worry about losing your coins, this wallet has a password authentication, PIN, and backup. If this is not enough, you can also export your account to another device.

Other than that, if you are the type of user who usually spends more than you should have, this wallet can provide your transaction histories. The wallet also lets you trade with other users by just clicking the option to trade. You can find your fellow users with the wallet’s GPS feature, too.

Mycelium against other mobile wallets

To stand out among other mobile wallets, Mycelium continues to improve by adding useful features. With this wallet, you can pay bills in EU or SEPA zone or even use bank accounts in Canada and US. The wallet will also allow you to hedge against US Dollar and other fiat currencies.

Trading with other users does not just finish with a simple click because now, the wallet requires your private key in order to register and authenticate with other users. But, do not worry because the only information that this wallet will keep is your address, name, orders, location, and history.

New Mycelium

Other than those features, the team that created Mycelium decided to have a new version of this wallet that does not only focus on Bitcoin but also non-Bitcoin blockchains and fiat currencies. This will help users in their economic and financial needs.

Do not worry; you can also use this wallet to store your earnings from Bitcoin slots. You can also try Bitcoin slots no deposit trial to play for free or Bitcoin casino free spins that are usually given after you register.