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After users found out how convenient a mobile Bitcoin wallet is, the demand for this type of wallet increased. One of the wallets that were adored by users is Copay, an HD multi-signature wallet from BitPay. It is not an account service, but rather a true Bitcoin wallet.

Features of Copay

This wallet is one of the first Bitcoin wallets that accepted Bitcoin testnet support and Bitcoin payment protocol. Other than that, the wallet makes sure that no one can take over your crypto currencies. You will be the one to choose your PIN and other settings. To prevent losing your account, the wallet is hierarchical deterministic that backs up your account immediately. The wallet uses TOR to avoid unidentified servers from hacking your account.

Copay is a multi-sig wallet that lets you create a shared wallet with other users. You can make each for your family, business, or any groups. To keep track of your expenses, the wallet notifies you every time you transfer or pay other users. Unfortunately, the wallet depends on a third party, making it a centralized service. The good side is that the company will not intrude with your actions and ensures that your wallet is safe.

Copay’s mission

With the aim to be the suitable wallet that can secure your bitcoins, Copay makes sure to keep your wallet from loss or theft. The creators believe that multi-sig wallets are safer compared to other wallets. All users are required to sign before a transaction takes place. You are not just deciding for your own but for the group as well. It makes budgeting within groups of people easier, especially for families.

According to Bitpay, the company tried using a multi-sig wallet for its expenses and it helped a lot. That is why the company decided that all users should benefit from this kind of wallet as well. To be one of the best wallets available, Copay uses the blockchain API and explorer, making it an open source. It also requires Insight node in order to access the blockchain. The wallet also has a bit of Bitcore, an open sourced Bitcoin stack.

Moreover, this wallet is recommended for groups of Bitcoin slots players who are interested to have a shared wallet. If you are a player, you can tell your friends to gather all your wins from Bitcoin slot machine then move it to a shared account.

You can also make a separate account for your wins from Bitcoin casino free spins. Also, remember that it is a must to have at least three to five members in order to have this wallet. If it works for you, then you can continue using this wallet and playing games.