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NetEnt Makes Players Relive the World of Jumanji in Its Newest Slot

Posted on June 27, 2018

Jumanji slot

NetEnt recently launched Jumanji, a slot adaptation of the hit 1995 film of the same title.

Jumanji features a complex 3-4-5-4-3 honeycomb-like layout set on top of the infamous board game. The slot also displays a “unique” combination of classic NetEnt features and highlights an industry-first innovation of a board game mechanic.

Sony Pictures Consumer Products, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment that holds the rights to the Jumanji brand greenlighted the project during the first quarter of the year. Since then, NetEnt has been hard at work in creating a game that captures the essence of the original Jumanji film, while also adding some unique twists.

Four Features Triggered at Random

NetEnt added excitement and suspense to the gameplay through four features represented by the symbols on the four corners of the slot. These features, akin to important elements in the 1995 film Jumanji, are triggered at random, making the game hold a promise of greater thrill.

One of those is the Wild Stampede which comes out of the library on the top left corner. This feature releases a herd of rhinoceroses that parade and stampede across the reels to turn random icons into Wild symbols.

Another is the Sticky Vines bonus during which the flowers on the top right corner of the game flourish, releasing fast-growing vines that will lock wins in place. The bonus also activates a re-spin and will continue to do so as long as any new winning combinations land on the reels.

One of the video slot’s snappiest features is the Monsoon Wilds which releases crocodiles that splash their way onto the reels. They then turn up to five reels into Wilds.

Lastly, there is the Monkey Mayhem that unleashes a troop of cheesy monkeys from the kitchen on the bottom left corner of the game screen. They then mix up the reels of the game to create new winning combinations.

More Wins During the Board Game Mode

When three Scatters appear anywhere on the reels, the Jumanji Board Game mode is activated. The screen will change to reveal the full layout of the board game and to let players choose an icon that will travel on the track.

The number of dice rolls will be six, seven, or eight. The icon that the players chose will progress by the number of points revealed after the dice throw. The game will award the corresponding prizes on each stop.

The following awards are what players can get from the Board Game feature: a coin win up to 30 times the bet, an additional dice roll, a Mystery Feature that awards either coin wins or an extra roll of the dice, six free spins, Wild Stampede, Sticky Vines, Monsoon Wilds, and Monkey Mayhem.

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Popularity of NetEnt Branded Games

The Swedish game provider behind Jumanji slot found its prowess in developing crossover treatments. Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer at NetEnt, said that they needed something current, modern, and fresh with huge brand recognition to appeal to a broader demographic. He even emphasized the idea of ultimately delving into adaptations of hit TV series such as Narcos and Vikings.

But the gaming company felt like they needed to step up their game. So they secured a deal on another high-profile title with Jumanji. This showcases the moves the gaming company is making to diversify their current roster of slot titles.

While the idea to create a cross-over video slot based on Jumanji may have come first before the 2017 release of the movie, NetEnt felt the utmost interest to continue with the project.

Fagerlund said:

“The 2017 movie had not been released when we were presented with the opportunity to produce a game based on the 1995 title, but we knew there was a sequel in the making. We immediately felt interest in the 1995 movie would be reignited as a result of the new movie, so it was a no brainer.”

He later on explained that selecting a title to develop a game on relies solely on the taste and consumer trends of the target audience. So when the opportunity for a Jumanji partnership arose, the NetEnt Chief Product Officer said:

“The process is mainly very strategic from our end, where we carefully select themes and brands that we want to pursue, and will resonate with the network player base. Jumanji is actually a dream brand to base a game on because it is all about the board game. The original Jumanji movie remains a moviegoer favorite and continues to demonstrate its cross-generational appeal more than 20 years later,”

Fagerlund went on by saying he believes Jumanji is one of the best games NetEnt has ever produced. He even added that Sony is very happy with their game production that perfectly harmonizes with the movie.

The Jumanji slot is now available in any online gaming hub that hosts NetEnt’s game library. The game uses HTML5 tech so players can play it on their desktop computer or mobile device.

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