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FunFair Technologies Creates Provably Fair Ethereum-Based Casino Games

Posted on December 10, 2018

Blockchain-powered betting hubs and games have recently started filling up the continuously expanding iGaming industry. One of the contributors to this rising business is the Ethereum-based casino platform FunFair Technologies.

The platform first started creating its titles in 2017 with an aim of creating provably fair games that can be relied on by bettors who still have doubts on RNG-based platforms. Adding to that, FunFair Technologies has a goal of delivering “low cost, high quality, and transparent casino experiences” to operators and players.

FunFair Technologies’ titles range from slots to table games. These are programmed on the Ethereum blockchain, giving players and operators the freedom to check their fairness. The team also developed a technology called Fate Channels that sits on top of the blockchain and is used to maintain the speediness of the platform’s programs.

Founder of FunFair Technologies Jez San Obe explained in an interview with VentureBeat that Fate Channels acts as a lightning network and it grants players fast-paced and fun gaming sessions. He said:

“We’ve built a technology that lets us do a lot of stuff in real time. It lives above the blockchain. We call it fate channels. It’s a form of lightning network that lets us offload some of the work the blockchain would normally do and do it ourselves directly, fast, and then push the result to the blockchain. What that lets us do is real time rapid numbers and micropayments, so we can do bets and wins and things like that, and also player interaction. We can do all of those things super fast, which means we can build the kind of fun interactive games that people want, instead of the ones that are currently on offer.”

FunFair Technologies also has its own token called FUN that is used to play its titles. Online gamers do not need to deposit these tokens onto a different account to start playing the games. The platform lets bettors play directly from their wallets to assure them that they will not lose any of their funds.

Last September, FunFair Technologies launched its first gaming hub called CasinoFair. It offers online bettors FunFair games and a welcome bonus.

When asked by iGaming Times about CasinoFair, CCO of FunFair Technologies Stefan Kovach claims that there are currently no other platforms in the blockchain space that has the same offers as the FunFair gaming hub. He said:

“At the moment, no one’s got anything like either the sophistication, or the range of games that we have, within the blockchain space. I think we’re the only B2B model and the only ones who have gone as far as we have in terms of provable fairness and ensuring our offering and our ecosystem have no points of weakness or trust.”

FunFair Technologies aims to launch its second live casino under the platform by next year alongside additional improvements and features to its products.