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Goblin’s Cave


Goblin’s Cave is an online slot by Playtech. It is a simple game with a Hold feature, perfect for casual bettors. But is this game worth trying?

Developer Playtech
Release Date n/a
Paylines 3
Slot Size 3x3
Jackpot 150 times your bet
RTP 96%
Bet Range 0.01 - 75
Mobile-Ready Yes
Gamble Feature n/a
Auto Play Feature None

Goblin’s Cave: A Game of Chance and Strategy?

According to European folklore, goblins are described as small hideous creatures that have a temperamental and greedy attitude. They hoard everything shiny and valuable. It can be difficult getting something precious out of their hands without paying a price.

But in Goblin’s Cave slot, a treasure-themed game by Playtech, you will encounter a generous goblin ready to share his riches with you. Is working for the riches in Goblin’s Cave worth it? Find out through this review.

Goblin’s Cave slot

Graphics and Sounds

Goblin’s Cave Screenshot 3At first glance, it will appear that the Goblin’s Cave slot is simple. You will see a poorly drawn graphic of a goblin on the left side of the reels as it stands in an overflowing pile of gold coins. The reels are on a wooden board with lizards on the edges. The goblin manually spins the reels to help you get winning combinations. As you and the goblin turn the reels, the cartoonish symbols appear.

These symbols include Ruby Wilds, Lantern Scatters, Crowns, Teapots, Rings, and Gold Goblin Coins. Understanding the game’s paytable can be a bit confusing as it shows only pictures to explain how much each symbol and combinations pay.

When it comes to the game’s sound, there is not much to marvel at. You will hear only the sounds of spinning reels while playing which can be boring in the long run.


Goblin’s Cave Screenshot 2To start playing Goblin’s Cave, you have to set your bets first. On the lower-left side of the screen, you can change the coin size to an amount between 0.01 and 5 coins. By clicking Bet One, you can adjust the number of coins per line. Meanwhile, clicking on Bet Max will set your bets to 5 coins per line among the three fixed paylines.

Unfortunately, you cannot play this game hands-free as there is no autoplay feature available. But, Goblin’s Cave does have a high return-to-player percentage of 96% which can make up for that loss.

Bonuses and Special Features

The design of Goblin’s Cave might be disappointing, but this game has Wilds and Scatters plus one unique feature that can bag you more wins. Find out about these below.

Ruby Wilds

Wilds can substitute for all symbols on the reels except for the Scatters. If you have Wilds on your reels, the chances of you getting a winning combination are high. You can win 150 times your stake when you get three Wilds on the reels.

Lantern Scatters

The Scatters in this game will bring you to a Bonus round. You can trigger the Bonus round by landing a total of three Lanterns on the top and bottom rows. In addition, you will get two Bonus rounds if you get three Lanterns on the middle row. But if you get the chance of covering the whole reels with Lanterns, you will get three Bonus rounds.

In the Bonus round, you will be given an opportunity to select one out of the goblin’s three treasure chests. Upon clicking the treasure chest of your choice, you will win random cash prizes.

Hold Feature

Goblin’s Cave Screenshot 1The Hold feature gives you the opportunity to hold symbols on one or all three reels. The game is also set on giving a free spin after every spin of the reels.

On your first spin, only the bottom row spins and shows symbols. There are three Hold buttons at the foot of each reel. After the bottom row symbols land, you have the choice of holding symbols. By clicking the Hold button, the symbol that landed on the base of the reel will appear on all the rows of that chosen reel. You can choose to activate the Hold feature on one or all three reels.

During the free spin, all blank reels will be spinning. If you have chosen not to Hold any reels, on the second spin, all of the rows will be spun. But if you have chosen to Hold all the symbols on the reels, the reels will not spin. It will just automatically compute the symbols for any winning combinations.

With this feature giving you the power to choose symbols, this online slot becomes a game of strategy. If you want to rake bigger wins, you need to know how to play the Hold feature right. It is not advisable for you to hold the Gold Goblin coin as it is the lowest-paying symbol. You can Hold the Rings, Crowns, Teapots, Lantern Scatters, and of course, the Ruby Wilds to boost your payout and get a chance to win up to 150 times your stake.

Should You Play Goblin’s Cave?

The design of Goblin’s Cave is not the best. The game’s poorly rendered graphics, unimpressive animations, and minimal sound effects may turn you off. Definitely, there are other better-looking Bitcoin slots out there that are worth trying if you have just started out as an online bettor.

But if you are a well-seasoned player looking for a game with a simple layout, then try Goblin’s Cave. More and more slots nowadays are going through the extravagance route by having a lot of gimmicks within the slot. But with Goblin’s Cave, you can go back and enjoy the basics.

You may also find it interesting that Goblin’s Cave lets you have some control over the reels through the unique Hold feature. Such a feature makes the slot both a game of chance and of strategy.

Once you get to know better this treasure-themed Playtech slot, you will find it is better to not eventually judge a game by its cover. The first impression can be that the game is boring, but you may find Goblin’s Cave more interesting than you think.