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Users prefer Bitcoin exchanges that are trustworthy and safe. It is crucial to choose an exchange because you have to trust it for you to be able to buy and sell crypto currencies. One of the Bitcoin exchanges that users rely on is Kraken. It is an exchange that lets you buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin.

Businessmen, average individuals, and even online gamers are supporting this exchange. For gamers, this exchange can provide them with bitcoins to continue playing Bitcoin slot machine. Even if there are free Bitcoin slots, it is still better for a gamer to bet on real money. It gives the gamers opportunity to feel what it is like in land casinos. To know more about Bitcoin, you can go to Best Bitcoin Slots site.

History of Kraken

Kraken was launched in 2011 and eventually became the largest Bitcoin exchange in euro liquidity and volume as of this writing. It is also an exchange that lets you trade Japanese yen, US dollars, British pounds, and Canadian dollars. It is also the exchange that introduced the trading volume and price on Bloomberg Terminal. Kraken is also the first exchange that made a partnership with a  crypto currency bank.

Other than that, the exchange continues to improve and amaze its users. It is the first exchange that used the standard Bitcoin code. Eventually, it enabled Dogecoin, Stellar, Ethereum, Zcash, and Namecoin trading. It also created partnerships with successful companies and opened a branch in Canada. The company that created Kraken aims to provide you with a simple yet sophisticated exchange. The goal is to be the Bitcoin exchange that can give you world-class experience.

Features of Kraken

Apart from being open to other crypto currencies, the exchange offers a margin trading. This service has the ability to leverage your balance. Deposits and withdrawals have a general fee, but transaction fees are free. The fees for trading vary, depending on the crypto currency.

But despite all these features, the exchange makes sure that you are still safe. The exchange has a two-factor authentication and encryption to make sure that your account is safe at all times. The company created a cold storage where all deposits are placed. It is an online system with air-gap isolation from unauthorized sites. Each storage is in a protected machine with a locked drive. For each trading and fund, you will be using API keys.