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Protection, liquidity, and certainty are the three traits that Gemini possesses. This exchange was created for investors and businessmen. It is also one of the Bitcoin exchanges that let clients buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin and Ether.

Why trade on Gemini

Gemini makes sure to give you high-quality user experience by giving you the best services that it can offer. You are even required to access your account and review receipts to keep track of your trades. The exchange will also remind you to check your account every month. More so, you have to make sure that all receipts are correct and verified. If there are any problems, you can easily email the exchange.

Further, Gemini is a licensed digital platform approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services. With this, you can be at ease that your funds are in good hands. If you are a Bitcoin gamer, you can rely on this exchange as you play Bitcoin slot games. You can also win Bitcoin free spins even if you are playing free Bitcoin slots.

Features of Gemini

This exchange aims to build a connection between individuals and institutions. This is because the company believes that crypto currencies can improve the financial system by minimizing transaction costs. To achieve this goal, the company is comprised of top financial engineers and technologists. The exchange also prioritizes the security of its accounts and system. To ensure the safety of its users, the exchange follows laws and policies.

Apart from that, the exchange also requires you to provide your personal info to check if you qualify to have an account. Once you are verified, the exchange will give you two sub accounts, apart from your Gemini account. You will have a fiat currency account and a digital asset account.  These accounts will separate your coins and ensure you that no one will be able to get your funds in one go. Each user will also receive a notification from their e-mail for every deposit and withdrawal.

Moreover, once you have an account, you can start buying, selling, and trading crypto currencies. As of this writing, it only allows you to convert your US dollar to bitcoins or ethers. The exchange also allows you to place unlimited orders and types. You can also trade any time you want to because the exchange is open 24/7. Once you start trading, you will receive a trading order book. This is for you to check your market and limit orders. The exchange also lets you open an auction for you to trade instantly.