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Slot Machines, Variance and RTP

A quick Google search will give you plenty of Bitcoin slot strategies.  No matter what game you’re into, there’s someone who wants to know if anyone can beat it. Even slot machines aren’t safe from this. There are lots of articles featuring a different slots strategy. Whether it works or not, is another story. The fact is you can profit with Bitcoin slots if done right.

You might notice that one thing players ask about is slot RTP. Understanding what variance and RTP are for is a good step towards more wins, in the long run.

When it comes to variance, it has three forms:

  1. High Variance
  2. Low Variance
  3. Determining Variance

Another way to look it is how ‘risky’ a slot game is. If you want to play Bitcoin slots as long as possible, go for slots with low variance. These slots will have modest jackpots. You’ll also notice that you do win more, but it’s a bunch of small wins. The good thing is, your bankroll won’t disappear quickly, but you also don’t win as big as you could.

RTP stands for ‘Return to Player.’  Over time, the slot will calculate millions of spins. Then it will give, in theory, a certain amount back to you. Let’s say you burn through $100 on a slot that has 95% RTP. The theory is, at the end, you will have $95 left. There are many factors that affect this. If you bet $100 on one spin, chances are small that you’ll have $95 at the end of the night. Depending on how it goes, you could be up to $9,000 or be down to $0. As the stakes go up, so does the variance.

A sample strategy that takes RTP into consideration could be:

You choose a low-variance slot and keep your stakes at around a penny per spin. Your variance will go down by a large margin. At the end of the night, you could end up around the $95 mark, like the RTP suggests. You could end up with a bit more (because of a bonus round, or maybe you were just lucky) or a little less.

Helping Yourself in the Long Run

Now that you understand how variance and RTP work, you can make better betting decisions. If you feel like taking it slow, find a low variance slot. Play for a while and raise or lower your bet. Bide your time and you could either go bust or go home with a small profit.