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Play Lines

Playing with Max Play Lines

In terms of Slots Strategy, many urge players to bet on max play lines and max coins. But there are players who wonder if that was really an advantage. It all depends on what machine you’re on. If you have a slot with three reels, you’re better off betting max coins. You will get a higher payback percentage if you bet on the max number of coins.

But it won’t do much good if you aren’t betting on the max number of play lines.

How Pay Lines Work

A payline is the line where you need to match the symbols for a win. They’re still popular in land and online casinos. This is the most basic kind of slot. Now with modern tech, you can have five or seven reels. You can also have games that have hundreds of play lines. Now, getting a winning combo still needs the matching symbols. But now the paylines aren’t just in the middle. They can have different forms. Depending on the slot, you can get a win if the play lines are:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Diagonal
  • Zig-zag

Instead of just three matching symbols on the middle reel, there are more winning combinations.  Keep winning and you’ll be cashing out before you know it. More paylines means you can win a huge amount just from hitting a lot of paylines in one go. Just don’t forget:  the more play lines you have, the more coins it’ll cost to keep playing.

Betting on Paylines

Before you can play Bitcoin slots, you need to check if your bankroll can hold up. Every line is a separate bet, so don’t forget: with every payline, you’re staking one more cent. If you’re playing a 5-reel, 10-payline slot, that will cost 10 cents.

There are slots that allow you to choose how many play lines you want to bet on. Not only that, you can choose how much to bet per line. With these slots, the fewer lines played means your chances of winning lessen. Fixed play lines are an exception for this.

If the lines are fixed, you’ll be playing with all active paylines. So before you play, make sure you know how many lines the slot is offering. Ideally, your bankroll should easily cover the bets you want to make. There’s a difference between a slot that costs 1cent per line and a slot that costs $10 to play per line. As long as you have good bankroll managing skills, you’ll be cashing out huge wins at those Bitcoin slots in no time.