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Dragon’s Tale Offers Unique Taste Of Bitcoin Slots

Posted on October 5, 2016

Dragon’s Tale Offers Unique Taste Of Bitcoin Slots

Online gamblers are always looking for new experiences. Bitcoin can provide one of those by giving them access to an amazing virtual world where players will find dozens of fun and exotic mini-games that they won’t find in an online casino: Dragon’s Tale. This online gaming world is where they can play Bitcoin slots game with a twist in the game called Element Fire.

Dragon’s Tale

Dragon’s Tale bills itself as a one-of-a-kind Bitcoin Casino. The moment players access the site, they know that they’re in for a unique casino experience. This is because Dragon’s Tale is more like an online RPG where the players roam around in a virtual world filled with fantastic islands exploring, gambling and completing quests. It has more in common with World of Warcraft than the usual gambling site.

Dragon’s Tale has actually been around for some time now. For several years now, players could explore this amazing virtual world. The main reason to do so is to access and play the many fun games being offered. Exploration and role-playing are an essential part of the player experience.

Many of these games do not have an equivalent in other online casino like the cow-tipping game or the scavenger hunt. This is reason enough for some people to drop by and play Dragon’s Tale. Nevertheless, Dragon’s Tale does have more traditional casino games like Element Fire which acts like a slot machine game.

Slot game-like

Element Fire can be found on Ying Wu Dao Island. This is one the many areas of Dragon’s Tale that must be explored for the players to gain access to the games. As mentioned earlier, the game is pretty similar to a slot machine.

In the game, players have five different elements: earth, water, fire, wood, and gold. Before the game starts, players have to place bets to set things in motion. Once this is done, five fireworks that represent the various elements are launched.

To get a win, the player must get a certain combination of elements. For instance, if a player gets four Fire symbols from the exploding fireworks, they can get up to eight times their wager. The minimum needed get a winning combination is three matching symbols. However, there are different winning combinations, so there are a lot of chances to win playing this slot with Bitcoin.

Bettors should drop by Dragon’s Tale right now to take their chances with the fireworks and to play the many other unique games being offered by this unique Bitcoin gambling site.