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There are tons of Bitcoin exchanges around the world because of Bitcoin’s popularity. The first Bitcoin exchange in Korea is Korbit. As of this writing, it also lets users exchange their local currency to Ethereum and Ripple. Get to know more about this Bitcoin exchange.

Mission of Korbit

The company realized the problems encountered by users in terms of security, services, and technicalities. After the introduction of Bitcoin, the company decided that it is time for users to experience a fluid flow of exchange and other financial services. Considering that Bitcoin is created to provide convenience to the society through its payment method, Korbit is the exchange that allows a fast and reliable trade between fiat currencies and crypto currencies. This exchange aims to provide users a high-quality exchange through its services. The company makes sure that it prioritizes its clients.

Therefore, let’s say you are a Korean citizen, and you wish to stop playing free Bitcoin slots but instead bet actual money; you can go to this exchange. Once you get your bitcoins, you can go back to playing Bitcoin slots. If you register to a casino, there is a huge chance for you to win Bitcoin casino free spins. Just make sure to check the value of bitcoins before you trade.

What can Korbit offer you?

As the first BTC-KRW exchange, there are a lot of expectations from it. However, the exchange did not disappoint these users with its performance. The exchange has proven itself to be secured and transparent when it comes to trading. This has earned the trust of the users over the years.

The mission of this exchange is to prioritize their clients; that is why the exchange is also dependent on these users. As a client, you can expect that the exchange will carefully look at your account and make sure that all the conversions are correct. This is also possible with the exchange’s cutting-edge technology.

Other than that, Korbit offers a money remittance service. Through this, you can send money directly to any Korean bank using your crypto currencies. There is also no transaction fees, so you can use this service as much as you want to. Also, Korbit lets you send money to Korea through Bitwire. You can send using your local currency or through bitcoins. It will take just a few clicks and you can easily transfer within 30 minutes or less.