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Coinbase is a digital asset company that also operates as a Bitcoin exchange. It accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and fiat currencies from 32 countries. Bitcoin exchanges like this are accepted and supported by many users because of its good reputation. Coinbase also allows storage and transactions of crypto currencies worldwide. The company also offers a wallet, vault, and card. Even online gamers, who play Bitcoin slots are in favor of its products and services.

Coinbase as a Bitcoin exchange

As the world’s largest exchange, it is not a surprise that it has tons of services to offer you. It started as a simple exchange but as time goes by, Coinbase introduced the instant exchange. Through this feature, you can instantly buy, sell, and convert bitcoins. You can simply open the app on your phone and you can convert your currency. You just need to send or request from the company or the user you are exchanging with.

Active traders like you will be interested in this exchange. Once you start, the company will ask you to create a wallet and you can start trading. You can set your preferred workplace for you to be comfortable as you work. Trading is easy and exciting because of the exchange’s simple interface. What is good about this exchange is that you can watch the market. The exchange also made sure that your business will be in a closed and licensed space.

Why Coinbase?

If you just want to convert your fiat currency to bitcoins, the conversion rate on this exchange depends on the crypto exchanges. You have to make sure that you check the value of the crypto currency before going to an exchange. Unfortunately, there are conversion fees but these will depend on your payment method and location.

However, if you are into trading, Coinbase uses Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX). It allows trading for a variety of digital assets. It uses a high-quality trading platform in which you are provided with trade histories, charting tools, and order books. Other than that, your account is safe because almost all assets are offline. You do not have to worry about hackers or any unauthorized accounts.

With these features, you can be at ease as you play Bitcoin slot machine. Hopefully, you can win Bitcoin casino free spins. This is just the start of this exchange because it will continue to upgrade and serve its clients.