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The competition among Bitcoin exchanges continues as more exchanges emerge. This is also because of the development of Bitcoin and altcoins. There is a continuous growth in the number of crypto currency users every day and with that, exchanges make sure that their businesses are improving as well. One of the exchanges that are currently facing a great change is BTCe, which was founded in July 2011.

BTCe offers several features

BTCe is one of the longest-running crypto exchanges in Bitcoin history. Other than bitcoins, this exchange allows clients to trade different altcoins such as Dash, Peercoin, Namecoin, and Litecoin. Apart from that, this exchange is popular for its simple interface. It makes sure that even beginners will not have a hard time in trading their currencies. You can easily use its site without having problems.

Unlike other exchanges, BTCe does not require your personal info. The only data that you should give is your email address and password. Once you have created an account, you will have access to the BTCe chat box. This is where you can ask questions to fellow users. This is also where you can receive notifications from the exchange.

From there, you can start buying and selling crypto currencies. The exchange also allows you to choose your deposit method; you can choose from MoneyPolo, SEPA, and OKPay. One advantage of this exchange is that deposits and withdrawals are fast and secure. The exchange will make sure that your account is safe by its Google Authenticator feature.

From BTCe to WEX

Unfortunately, this exchange faced problems with its features. But this does not stop BTCe from being an exchange. Instead, the company decided to relaunch the exchange with a new name, WEX. The previous exchange moved all user accounts to WEX. All these accounts will receive bonus crypto currencies as well.

Moreover, WEX has a simple interface and allowed 438 BTC to be traded on the exchange. It is also under the Singapore regulations to ensure users that it is safe, as of this writing. Even if WEX and BTCe look exactly the same, the company promises that this new exchange will not experience the same problems again. WEX also promises that it will follow the AML and KYC policies.

While it may take a while for users to accept this new exchange, WEX will not stop with its features to provide users a better exchange. It will not only attract businessmen and regular users, but also Bitcoin slots players and other online gamers. To know more about exchanges, Bitcoin slot machine, wallets, and the rest of the crypto currencies, visit Best Bitcoin Slots site.