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Bitbay is the first Bitcoin exchange established in Poland. Founded in 2014, it gives clients smooth services for buying and selling Bitcoin and Litecoin. Currently, it is one of the Bitcoin exchanges that continually grow for its clients.

History of Bitbay

Last 2016, the exchange continued to improve and released the version 3.0 of its platform. This upgrade allowed Bitcoin payments and more. Not only that, the company is also traveling around the world to teach other users. The company goes around different places to talk about law and legal services. With these, the company has received tons of awards and attracted users from around the world.

Features of Bitbay

As the biggest exchange company in Poland, Bitbay offers great features that you do not want to miss. If this is your first time to create an account, you do not have to worry because there is no account fee. You also do not have to wait for a long time just to register because you can create an account within five minutes.

Moreover, the exchange gives out favorable fee for every conversion. You can also convert and transfer funds without the exchange asking you to verify. It also offers an account card in which you can use in your local stores. Other than that, the exchange gives you 15 withdrawal and deposit options. You can even withdraw and deposit on your bank. Not only that, you can also pay through your Visa and MasterCard credit cards. If you have an account in SEPA, you can also withdraw there.

Further, this exchange is not only a currency exchange but also lets you transfer funds around the world. You can also withdraw and deposit quickly. The exchange also offers you services, such as an investment platform. You are not only limited to conversions, but you can also trade.

Lastly, the exchange is also available on your mobile phone, which is why you can easily access your account anytime and anywhere. Sending funds to other users can be as easy as sending a text message.

Bitbay security

To make sure that your account is safe at all times, Bitbay offers you strong security features as well. Your account will have a two-level authentication feature, in which you have to access your mobile app and your Google authenticator first. The exchange also requires you to authorize your actions through your email or SMS before your funds will be sent.

Not only that, your account has a mask password as well. Do not worry because the exchange is still growing, that is why you can expect more benefits in the future. In fact, with its features and services, Bitbay becomes one of the top choices for players who enjoy betting on Bitcoin slot machine games. Not only do they get to enjoy the Bitcoin casino free spins they can get, they can also enjoy the best Bitcoin slots games and reliable services of the exchange.