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How can you enjoy your crypto currencies if you are not using the suitable wallet for you? Through Xapo, you will be a lot closer to your coins with its features and benefits. This software Bitcoin wallet allows you to manage your crypto currencies daily with ease. What is more interesting is that there are other related products like the debit card and the vault.

Even VentureBeat and Wall Street Journal are in favor of this wallet. Xapo was complimented to be secured, free and the building knox for Bitcoin. This makes one of the ideal wallets for both beginners and long-time Bitcoin users.

Xapo Wallet

The wallet version of Xapo lets you pay, sell, buy, receive, transfer, and invest bitcoins without restrictions. You can use your crypto currencies the way you wanted to with no one telling you what to do. You can send and receive any amount with no problems unlike in banks. It also allows you to trade your crypto currencies with over 150 fiat currencies. You can now even access your account any time and any where you want to.

Another good feature is that you can monitor all your transactions, purchases, and expenses. You can also directly convert, buy, and sell bitcoins with other users. But what could be better than having a wallet and a debit card?

Xapo Debit Card

To maximize the use of crypto currencies, the company created a card that is linked directly to the wallet version. This card can be used in any VISA-operating ATM and it will be automatically converted to your fiat currency. The card is also beneficial if you want to buy goods from your local stores. You can just swipe your card and have your product.

Users got excited when the company released the card because this new product made using bitcoins more convenient than before. Now, you will not have to worry if you do not have enough cash on your pocket because the debit card is there for you. In order to acquire the card, just simply create a wallet and request a debit card number. There will be a fee for the physical card but it will not cost much.

Xapo Vault

Apart from the wallet and card, there is also the Vault option. This is beneficial if you have a lot of coins that you want to store in a separate area. For example, if you are an online gamer and you wish to save all the wins you got from Bitcoin slots, you can register for this. It will secure all your coins as you add more coins from Bitcoin free spins and play Bitcoin slots until you get more bonus prizes.