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Electrum is a software Bitcoin wallet that safely secures your crypto currencies. This wallet has established a good reputation and a lot of users have been loyal to it. Not only regular users of Bitcoin, but also those who play Bitcoin slots are interested in this wallet. For these users, this wallet can help them keep their coins safe as they enjoy casinos that offer Bitcoin slots no deposit offers a d Bitcoin free spins. If you are doubtful of this wallet, you had better know its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Electrum

Just like any other software wallet, this wallet has a bunch of plus points that can convince you to buy it. Besides the fact that it is safe, fast, and easy to use, there are also a lot of features that this wallet can offer.

This wallet has a password that keeps your cryptocurrencies safe and a backup seed that lets you recover your account. It also allows you to export your private key to other wallets or accounts. This software wallet also supports multi-sig wallets, so you can share your wallet with other users.

Moreover, this wallet is also an open source. It gives users the chance to use it but it will also make sure that the server will never know your private key. You do not have to worry about downloading the blockchain over and over again because this wallet keeps you an up-to-date version of the blockchain.

Disadvantages of Electrum

Honestly, there is no such thing as a perfect wallet. There will be flaws and incidents that will happen, that is why as a user, you should also be aware of this. It is better to know all possible drawbacks of using this wallet before buying it.

One of the main concerns of users is that it is not beginner-friendly. The wallet does not even have a tutorial feature. The page looks simple, but its simplicity makes the users more confused. Users are hoping that the company hires a good designer soon.  Another problem is the server. Some users say that it takes too long to sync. Hopefully, these problems will be taken care of and these concerns will never have to be experienced again.

Electrum update

Different companies have their own say about the release of Bitcoin Cash while Electrum just mentioned technical difficulties in supporting Bitcoin Cash’s rules. The wallet also showed its disappointment that Bitcoin Cash used Electrum’s logo on its site. The software wallet also stated that it will not endorse the Bitcoin fork and the wallet. This will mean that Electrum will block all headers related to Bitcoin Cash and will not accept this crypto currency to its system.