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With the success of Bitcoin, more companies started to create more Bitcoin wallets. The different companies were able to succeed and give users convenience. One company that joined this industry is Coinbase. It started as a crypto currency exchange and now it produces its own software Bitcoin wallet.

Coinbase created a wallet that can protect your private key and public address. This wallet can assure you that your account is protected with its tight security. You can be at ease that your account will be safe as you play Bitcoin slot.

History of Coinbase

This company was founded by Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehsram in June 2012. It was a part of their Combinator Startup Incubator program. First, it started with buying and selling bitcoins and eventually the company received an investment from Fred Wilson. Investments continued until the company had a million users.

On January 2015, the company decided to launch the Bitcoin exchange. Soon, it also allowed other crypto currencies and expanded in other countries. As of this writing, it is the leading crypto currency exchange.

Coinbase wallet, vault, and card

Coinbase was not contented with just being a crypto currency exchange and released more products related to crypto currencies. The software wallet that this company released lets you transfer, pay, sell, and buy bitcoins. You can also exchange your crypto currencies with fiat currency with this wallet. It can also allow you to request money in terms of bitcoins or in US Dollar. This will benefit you if you need more coins for your Bitcoin slot machine.

Another product is the vault that lets you store your bitcoins separately from your wallet. Do not worry because there will be a formula that can protect your vault. You can also share your vault with your family or business partners. It is a great product because with this, your coins are not just stored in one place. This can be an option for you to store all the earnings you received from playing free Bitcoin slots.

Lastly, the Shift card works just like your Visa or debit card. It is a card that you can bring anytime and anyplace. The card also stores your private keys and public address in a form of a code. With this card, you can now buy goods in local stores with just a scan.

Why choose Coinbase?

When you look at all the products that this company offers, you will feel as if it has all the elements you need. It will be simpler for you to download the wallet from the same company where you bought the Shift card. Another plus is that you can easily convert, buy, and sell bitcoins because this company is also a crypto currency exchange.