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Are you looking for a multi-sig wallet that offers API? The only software Bitcoin wallet that can provide you with those features is BitGo. Founded by Mike Belshe and Ben Davenport in 2013, BitGo is a blockchain security company that offers a multi-sig wallet.

Multi-sig wallets

Before you get to know BitGo, it is crucial for you to know what a multi-sig wallet is. It is the type of wallet that allows a group of people to share the same account. An advantage of this wallet is that in order to make a transaction, all members should sign first. This will make sure that you are aware of all the transactions done. Just be careful because if a hacker is able to enter your account, all your bitcoins will be gone.

BitGo’s mission

The company firmly believes that blockchain will take over many assets. All payments and transactions will be using crypto currencies. Before all those happen, the company decided the wallet for you to store your keys. The company saw the problems encountered by other wallets and decided to make sure that this wallet already solved the security and compliance problems.

BitGo is better in terms of delivery, design, and development of software wallets. The company used API and proved that this wallet is easy, secured, and fast. The company also promised that your account will not be checked or used by anyone else. Despite sharing with other users, you can still have the full control over your account.

Why BitGo?

Apart from being a multi-sig wallet, BitGo is also hierarchical deterministic. The wallet automatically backs up your account, especially because the wallet handles multiple accounts. This software wallet also allows you to create and sign transactions. You and your fellow users can open the account the same time. No need to worry about over spending because the wallet notifies you about your actions.

Moreover, this wallet allows you to trade with other users in marketplaces. Gamers are also using this wallet as they play Bitcoin slots. Group of players who enjoy or are interested in Bitcoin slot machine use this wallet to create a shared account for their earnings. The wallet secures the account with its security and key recovery solutions.

With this wallet, you can be sure that your account is safe and that you can easily transfer coins needed for your online games. You can have wallet for your personal use and for gaming. Good luck winning the Bitcoin casino free spins!