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KeepKey might be new compared with other hardware Bitcoin wallet devices, but it makes sure that it will stand out. After all, it has proven to be a wallet that can guarantee its customers that their bitcoins are in good hands.

What is KeepKey

Launched in 2015, KeepKey is a secured hardware Bitcoin wallet.  If you have never heard of this type of wallet, it would help to imagine it as a small computer that stores your Bitcoin keys. That is why there is a variety of wallets that offer different features. It is to make sure that your keys are safe and stored properly.

This device contains a number randomization and PIN to make sure your account will not be stolen. It is also a hierarchical deterministic, which means that your account is backed up with a recovery phase of 12 words. Moreover, this device has an OLED screen that lets you watch over your transactions. As the owner of the wallet and the account, you must confirm each transaction you make.

This wallet also allows trading with other users through Shapeshift. In 2016, Shapeshift and KeepKey announced their partnership as a way to improve this hardware wallet. Shapeshift is a company that provides instant conversion of your cash to crypto currencies. With the partnership of these two, the users of this wallet will no longer have a problem with conversion.

Moreover, this device is an open source, giving you a chance to be part in making the system improve. Thanks to this feature, developers have the opportunity to show their skills and help the network. Lastly, it works on MAC, Linux, PC, and Android.

KeepKey vs Trezor vs Ledger Nano S

After hardware Bitcoin wallets have gained the interest of crypto currency users, different devices started to compete to become the best hardware wallet. The top three on the list are KeepKey, Trezor, and Ledger Nano S.

Out of the three devices, Trezor has the smallest in size but it is made of plastic. The remaining two are bigger and are made of aluminum. Another difference is how the three devices secure accounts. Ledger Nano S has chips while the two hardware devices are small computers. The prices of these devices also differ and make Ledger Nano S the cheapest. Among the three, only KeepKey can handle the most multi-coin support. This device also has the best OLED display.

Bitcoiners who use this wallet recommend this to users who play Bitcoin slots that earn more than $500 in Bitcoin equivalent. This wallet can help you store your coins that you earned after playing Bitcoin casino free spins and Bitcoin slot machine.

This hardware wallet might be expensive compared with other hardware wallets, but this is because it aims to give the best for its users. The device offers a lot of features that can help you secure your account and use it easily.