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Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

Have you ever experienced having enough bitcoins after winning huge sums from Bitcoin free spins that you do not know which of the Bitcoin wallets can keep your coins safe? Well, a hardware Bitcoin wallet might just do the job for you.

Top hardware Bitcoin wallets

  • Ledger Nano S – this Bitcoin wallet stores bitcoins, litecoins, and ethers. It keeps your account safe, thanks to its passphrase support feature. It is handy and affordable.
  • KeepKey – this wallet can also hold the same cryptocurrencies like Ledger Nano S, along with Dogecoin, Namecoin, and Dash. The device is virus and malware proof. Recently, it added some new features, such as a real-time security notification.
  • Trezor – this is a hardware wallet that does not expose your private keys during a transaction. It also protects your server, website, and data administration. This wallet also allows you to sync your password to your private cloud.
  • Ledger HW.1 – this Bitcoin wallet can be used by both single and group users. The device has a microchip where your account and other information are stored.

What is a hardware Bitcoin wallet?

A hardware Bitcoin wallet is a physical wallet usually in a form of a USB or a small computer.  Just like the other types of wallet, it stores your private key. The goal of a hardware Bitcoin wallet is to make sure that your keys are protected offline. It also keeps your account away from virtual theft.

This kind of Bitcoin wallet is like a vault but smaller and lighter. As a user, you do not have to worry about virtual theft because you can always bring the device with you. For example, you decided to play Bitcoin slots with a friend and you are required to go out, you can easily bring your device with you. The coins that you can get from a Bitcoin slot machine can easily be transferred to your wallet.  But, you have to keep in mind that even if this hardware Bitcoin wallet can escape virtual threats, backing up your data is still important in case of physical theft, loss, or damage.

Choosing the best hardware wallet can be tough because each wallet offers different ways to secure your coins and make your life easier.Wallets are improved and upgraded to make sure that customers will keep using these devices. Therefore, it is relevant that you research about these wallets carefully and chose the one you think will be the best for you.